Error 1112

When modeling conditioned spaces under Title 24, all spaces are required to be ventilated per the code.  At the Zone level of the tree, in the Mechanical tab, you have set the source of ventilation as being provided by the HVAC system.  The HVAC system is specified as having the fans cycle with the load, which will not provide continuous ventilation, or it has no ducts.

You have a number of choices here:

At the Zone level of the Building Tree, in the Mechanical tab, choose another source of ventilation, such as a local exhaust ventilation fan.  Note that the Natural Ventilation choice is only valid for Hotel/Motel Guest Rooms and cannot be used for other spaces.

If this is a VRF system, change the Indoor Unit fan specification and remove the option for Fan Cycles with Load.

For other systems, change the Central System option in the Controls tab to have the fan run continuously.

Add a Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) to provide the ventilation.

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