How do I achieve ZNE with EnergyPro for a Residential Building?

EnergyPro is “ZNE Ready” meaning it is now configured to allow you to demonstrate a residential building meets the ZNE definition the CEC describes on the CF1R document.  To help you understand this we have provided a new example BLD file designed to run in EnergyPro that shows an Energy Design Rating (EDRt) at Zero.  In addition, the new version provides reporting that will help you and your client understand the energy usage in the home.  Please look at the pages on the sample report, in particular the last two pages.  As an exciting new addition, the software includes a full hourly annual solar system simulation based upon the CECPV/PVWatts simulations.  Look at the example file at the top level of the Building Tree, PV tab.

Categories: 4. Single Family Title 24

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