How do I fix the error “Unable to load C:\Documents\EnergyPro 8\Libraries\Assembly.lib”?

This error is caused by one of three things:

1. You installed EnergyPro as the Admin (or some other) account, but are now logging on as a particular user.  These files are installed into the Documents folder belonging to the user who installed the software and will not be accessible to other users due to Windows security protocols.

2. When you installed the software, the account you installed under did not have sufficient security privileges to allow the software to create these files under the Documents\EnergyPro 8\Libraries folder.  You need to allow for that access to the folder.

3. You have your Documents folder located on a virtual or cloud drive.  These files must be located on the local computer drive.

In all cases this will require a reinstall of the software so these files can be created.

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