How do I model a Gas Boiler Radiant floor for a residential home?

To model a Gas Boiler with Radiant Floor Heating, start at the Central System Library.

At the Heating Tab:

System Type: Split DX

Heat Type: Hot Water   (Will use efficiency from boiler)

Heating Output: Output of System

Cooling tab: enter relative cooling information, or Zero for output if there is no cooling (See the topic on No Cooling)

Fans Tab: 0 cfm, 0 hp

At the System Level of the Building Tree:

General Tab:

Select the Central System entry created above.

Hydronic Space Heating: Choose DHW or Boiler provide heat. Note this will point the program to either the DHW or the Heating Hot Water tab at the Plant level of the tree for the source of heat.

Distribution Tab:

Heating Distribution: Radiant Floor

Select a heated slab-on-grade from the library at the Slab element.


If the same boiler is used for radiant floors and domestic hot water, model the boiler in the DHW tab and at the System level of the tree select ‘DHW boiler provides heat’.

Sample file located in My Documents\EnergyPro x\Projects\Single Family Combined Hydronic.bld

It may be the case that there is a dedicated boiler for radiant heat. In this case, model that boiler in the Boiler tab and in the Residential tab select ‘Heating boiler provides heat’. Then model the Domestic hot water (used for sinks, showers) in the DHW tab.

A sample file is located in My Documents\EnergyPro X\Projects\Single Family Separate DHW & Hydro.bld

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