How do we simulate an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)?

EnergyPro offers three possible scenarios here for modeling this type of device as follows:

Nonresidential Calculations that use ducted HVAC systems in EnergyPro that are not Zonal (FPFC, PTAC, WSHP, VRF) have Exhaust Air Heat Recovery ERV or Heat Recovery Ventilator HRV as an option on the HVAC system.  See the Outside Air tab in the Central System Library for these input options.

Residential buildings have the option also.  Start by going to the Top level of the Building Tree, Misc tab and specifying a non-default IAQ fan.  Now at the Zone level of the Building Tree, Dwelling Units tab you can configure the IAQ fan as a balanced ventilation system with the option of specifying the heat recovery efficiency.

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