I have registered the same project multiple times, will I get charged each time?

As long as the project was originally run in EnergyPro V7.2.5 or above, the software will recognize that this is a re-registration and will notify you that you will not be charged.

If the software does notify you that you will be charged again, that means it was either not run in 7.2.5, or you have made changes to the Project Title (Name/Address), or to the registration name or plan name.  This is treated as a new project and the software will charge for that.  In either case we do not recommend that your overwrite your old XML file.

Credit for duplicate registrations will require you to submit both the old and the new XML file for review by support, and credit given at their discretion.  Before you request this, confirm in the Activity tab that is shows the duplicate charge.

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