Inputs needed for a Residential Title 24 calculation:

Below is a list of tabs in which you need to enter information for a residential title 24 calculation. You will not need to enter every available input in each tab.

Building icon:

Building Icon


Project Design Data, Project Title, Designer

Plant Icon:

Plant Icon


Heating Hot Water (if you have a boiler for space heating which is separate from the domestic hot water heater), Domestic Hot Water

System Icon:

System Icon

General, Distribution, Residential, Hers Credits (if you are taking HERS Credits)

Zone Icon:

Zone Icon


Room Icon:

Room Icon


Within the Room icon, you will enter building assemblies such as Roofs, Walls and floors by right clicking on the room icon and selecting Add / …

You do not need to model lighting in a residential title 24 calculation.

Categories: 4. Single Family Title 24

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