Why do I keep having to input the license key each time?

One of two things is causing this problem.  The first possibility is that EnergyPro is unable to save the “license.lic” file onto your computer.  That is the file that activates the software and is stored under the folder Program Data\EnergySoft\EnergyProX”.  Either you do not have the appropriate security rights on the computer to save the file, or you have some security software active that is blocking the saving of that file.  You should deactivate the software and/or modify your security rights to allow for that file to be saved.

The second possibility is that you have security software that is sweeping your computer clean, thus while EnergyPro is able to save the file, the software is then removing that file, assuming it is placed there as a virus.  This software should not remove the file to prevent this.

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