Why do I recieve “Company Name Does Not Match License Key” Error Message when activating the software?

In the headline of the email with the activation key it should indicate the version of EnergyPro the activation key applies to.  You need to make sure you have downloaded the appropriate version of EnergyPro for your activation key. The error message occurs either when the company Name or License key is entered incorrectly, or that you have downloaded the wrong version for your license key.


If you do have the correct version of EnergyPro downloaded then make sure that when you copy the license key/company name that there are no spaces at the beginning or end of both the Company Name and the Activation key when you paste it into the activation screen. It is vital that you COPY and PASTE both the license key and company name directly from the e-mail, failure to do so will result in the error message prompt.


If you still are experiencing difficulties after trying this please contact sales@energysoft.com for further assistance

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