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7. Nonresidential Lighting

Navigate to the top level of the Building Tree and select the Forms tab.  In this tab you will find an LTI and an LTO selection.  These will allow you to input any mandatory lighting controls that are needed for the report (hit the yellow Plus sign to add a control).  Based upon the controls selected, all of the mandatory sections will be taken care of on these reports. Note we provide a sample file (My Documents\EnergyPro x\Projects\Nonres Sample.bld) that demonstrates a complete example of these controls, as well as the Indoor Lighting.bld and Outdoor Lighting.bld samples.

These sheets are filled out in the field after construction by the Acceptance Testing Technician.  You can find them on the CEC’s website.

The best way to create a tailored lighting report is to edit the sample file ‘Tailored Lighting.bld.’  This file is in the projects file located in the folder  Documents\EnergyPro 8\Projects.

These occupancies are listed as exempt lighting under Section 140.6 of the code, and as such the lighting does  not appear on the reports, nor does it affect any calculated results.  Basically the lighting is subject to mandatory measures, but the quantity of lighting is unregulated and thus not reported.

Click on Calculations in the lower left.  Now select the NR T24 Prescriptive calculation in the list right above that.  On the right, you will see the option to select using “Complete Building” as your category.  If you uncheck this, EnergyPro will use Area Category and/or Tailored.  You can also change the Complete Building Category here.

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