Does EnergyPro accept renewables such as Solar Photovoltaics (PV)?

Title 24 only allows partial credit for PV in lowrise residential new construction applications in climate zone 1-5 and 8-16 in the 2016 code, otherwise you will not get credit for photovoltaic towards compliance.  Note that this credit does not apply to additions and alterations.  You must input a minimum system size of 2 kWdc for single family and town house projects and 1 kWdc per dwelling unit in a multi-family building.  Note that larger homes may require a larger system.  If the PV system does not meet the minimum threshold for larger homes, you will receive a message on the CF1R alerting you to this minimum, but this cannot be reported until after the calculation is complete so be sure to check the CF1R after the calculation.  If you are calculating an EDR rating, you will get full credit for the PV.

LEED also gives you credit for photovoltaic production, and can be entered into EnergyPro.  To enter your photovoltaic electrical production, go to the PV tab at the top level of the Building Tree.  You will need to enter PV production and cost values for LEED, for Title 24 you only need the kW rating.

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