The Title 24 budget for my building seems wrong. Can you tell me what is in the Budget Building?

As of EnergyPro v6, the energy budget for your building is set internally by the CEC supplied compliance engine (CBECC).  As such, we do not have control or access to that feature so any questions on the energy budget should be directed to the CEC hotline at (800) 772-3300.  The CEC publishes a document called the Alternative Calculation Method (ACM) manual, you can Google this and take a look at this document.  Also, some of the training classes on the code will give you insight into that, and in the case of the Residential buildings, the Prescriptive Packages in Standards  Section 150.1 would be your starting point.  For Nonresidential lighting and envelope, the Prescriptive section of the Standards would also be a good starting point, but the HVAC is detailed in the ACM manual.  Look in the EnergyPro Help for some information on those tables also.

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