Does EnergyPro accept renewables such as Solar Photovoltaics (PV)?

Inputs for PV are handled at the Top level of the Building Tree, in the PV+Batt tab.

In New Construction Homes, Title 24 recognizes (and generally requires in order to comply) your inputs for PV, however in no case does the credit get recognized in additions and alterations.  You have several options on how the PV is sized.  One approach is the Specify your PV Size.  When using this option, you will input the specifics of your PV in the table at the bottom.  Another option is to select a Standard Size PV system.  Using this option, EnergyPro will size your PV system pretty close to what is used in the Budget.  Maximum the PV size is another option, EnergyPro will size the PV system as large as possible.

Note that several Title 24 based exceptions are available related to PV in this tab.

In Nonresidential occupancies, Title 24 does not allow you to take credit towards compliance, but you can input a PV system for non-code purposes.

In the remaining performance calculations, EnergyPro will assign full benefit for the PV production when input in this table.

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