How can I get the VRF systems into my EnergyPro model?

Note that this section applies to EnergyPro V8 or above, and non-Title 24 applications of VRF systems.  For Title 24 applications, see this FAQ.

The VRF models are located in the sample files, located in the example files section of this site.  You will need to export the systems from the sample file into the file you are working with.  Begin by opening your project, and then open one of the sample files with the Manufacturer name of the models you wish.  Navigate into the Central System library in the sample file by clicking on the bottom left button “Libraries” and then in the pane above, select “Central”.  A list of models will appear on the right for you to select.  You can select multiple systems by clicking on one system, then holding down the shift key and selecting another system.  Once you have selected all of the systems you want to export, select the export button on the top of the window.  Select your project from the window that appears (you may need to scroll to the bottom of the window) and hit ‘OK’.  The systems you had highlighted will now be available in your project.

Repeat this procedure by selecting the “Zonal” library and exporting all of the indoor units.

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