How do I model a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Navigate to the DHW/Boiler library and create a new Water Heater.  Set the Water Heater Type to “Heat Pump”.  Enter the Volume, Uniform Energy Factor and Input Rate from the manufacturer’s specifications.  Note that sometimes the Uniform Energy Factor may be listed as the COP in the data.

For residential projects (single family, multifamily, hotel/motel), you may select a model that has been tested by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) by clicking on the “Select NEEA HP” button on the dialog.  Note that for NEEA rated models, the efficiency is not relevant since the NEEA selections contain performance curves specific to that model.

Note that you cannot use a Heat Pump Water Heater as the heating source for the home.  In this circumstance, the CEC requires you to model this as Electric Heat.  You cannot input the Heat Pump Water Heater as ANY source of hot water for either a Hydronic Heating System, nor for a Combined Hydronic Heating System.  You will need to model this as electric heat.

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