How to check the DOE files for a cause of a crashing file:

If a file is crashing, check the DOE file to see why. The DOE file error message may be a bit confusing, but will give you an idea of why the file is crashing.

To check the DOE file, uncheck the ‘delete temporary files after calculation is complete’ button in the calculation you are running.

Then go to the results folder located at My Documents/EnergyPro 6/Results. A folder with your projects name will contain a file called ‘proposed.bdl’.

Search proposed.bdl for the word ‘Error’. There will be many results, you are looking for the word ERROR with many stars across the page (ERROR*********************************). Right after the string of stars there will be a message that states why the file is crashing.

Dates not is sequence means that the utility weekly schedule, or a zonal schedule has dates out of order. Schedules need to be in chronological order.

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