I am using an XYZ window in my project and would like to save this window so that it appears in every job I do in the future. How do I save this entry for later use?

When a new window is created in EnergyPro it is created specific to your file, meaning that the item will only appear in the file being modified.  Once inside the Fenestration Library select the window that you have customized and click on the Export button.  The program will ask you to select a destination, by selecting the Default Library and mouse clicking the OK option, the window you have created will now be added to the Default Library.  Any new projects that you start will automatically include the contents of the Default Library.  However, the window you just created will not appear in an other projects that have already been created.

This window can be exported to an older project by exporting from the default library to the older project file. The default libraries can be accessed under Tools | Default Libraries.

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