Where can I find the DOE-2 reports in EnergyPro?

At the Top level of the Building Tree, Utility Tab, you will find selections for all of the available DOE-2 reports.  Select them as necessary but be careful, if you select too many, DOE-2 will not run since it is more reports than it can handle.

Now, go into the Calculation Options, select your desired calculation and on the right side of the screen, deselect “Delete Temporary files”

See Screen Shot below.

Once you do this, rerun the calculations so the reports will be generated

Now, go to the Report selections in EnergyPro and choose the Proposed (or Standard) DOE-2 report selections in the list of reports and hit print.


Also you can go to My Documents\EnergyPro 7\Results\ProjectName and you will see the files with the .SIM extension, these will contain the same reports.


DOE reports


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